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“Globzen Culture” is the common goal of people from different cultures to dream of a better world. You can volunteer to be part of Globzen Culture.
If you want to be a volunteer, you can apply by sending your resume including your contact information to .

We do not have an open position right now.
However, if you want to make a career in Globzen, you can send your resume including your contact information to .

Globzen’s Three Phase Strategy

First phase: Social media

Everyone that signs up at Globzen will have to agree with a statement that they will be kind, will value the world, nature, humans, animals, and plants, will not use or promote hate speech, will not discriminate in any form, and will not share fake news

Globzen will make this process very understandable. Every post will be evaluated by other members through pre-determined criteria. Accordingly, every post will be given a “trustworthy” value. The members will not lose time to search the whole content, they will be able to see the more refined and trustworthy contents easier.

When signing up for an account, the members will see every statement in the terms and conditions, one by one, and they will need to approve them one by one. These terms and conditions will not be written in smaller font, like other social media terms and conditions. According to research, reminding people of these terms and conditions has shown to be effective in improving their behaviors. We also believe in this. Everyone will need to use their real identity, and “fake” members will not be allowed. While they will need to write their real identity when becoming a member, the members will be able to use a nickname as their profile name.

We will clearly state that we will not use any individual data for marketing. The members will be able to direct messages, to form groups of common interest, call their friends, follow people, and post photos, videos, and texts. They will also be able to invite their friends on the platform.

The most important campaign of the first phase will be the “ownership structure”. This way we aim to democratize the shareholding structure. To be able to get this one share, they need to fulfil some conditions.

This way the first phase of the project will aim to have at least one million shareholders. Every shareholder will have a wallet on the platform. If they want they can add money to their wallet and increase their shares (depending on the regulations). As soon as we reach the 1 million members goal, the first phase will be closed.

With the new resources we will aim to get more members.

All these plans are dependent on the regulations that our administration and lawyers are figuring out together with the relevant authorities.

Second phase: E-Commerce

Between the first and second phases we will reach out to the professional corporate investors. In the meantime, our web application will be launched, and we will be able to report our detailed web traffic. With the ending of the first phase, we will establish our larger team and a 5-year detailed financial plan.

The second phase application will be prepared from the first phase. In this phase, our partners will be able to become third party sellers by opening their e-shops on the platform, either as individuals or corporate entities. Giant e-commerce platforms charge between 10% and 35% commission fees. As these platforms provide their sellers with high website traffic, the sellers agree to share their profits. It is obvious that the demand for e-commerce services is increasing. However, we consider this structure a “systematic failure” which costs billions of dollars. As a result, we plan to set the commission fees at 5%, which is actually a symbolic rate in comparison to other platforms. It is feasible because we know our members and already have their real identities, and our costs are low. Moreover, our members are shareholders (regulations permitting) of our company at the same time. 

The trade will start through the social media traffic that we have constituted in the first phase. This way, we will achieve a small-scale revenue stream. We do not want to hasten the profitability. When we achieve one hundred thousand sellers/shops in the platform, phase two will be completed and goals achieved.

Third phase: Cryptocurrency

Arriving at this phase will require at least 18 to 24 months, or maybe a little more. We have two predictions for the 2022-2023 platform: more e-trade and nearly completely tokenized economy. How are we preparing for this?

By this time, we will have at least 5 million members, 100 thousand shops, and a working system.

This will be the time to talk and introduce Globzen coin.

It won’t be fair to compare the Globzen coin to Bitcoin, however, with every passing day new cryptocurrencies are being introduced in the market. We believe that these new coins have three main disadvantages:

  1. Not enough traffic.
  2.  Very few platforms where people can use those new coins, very little transactions, and difficulty in purchasing goods and services.
  3. Too much “fake” members among those who produce these coins, very few inspection mechanisms, no backing, and no trust.

Globzen, on the other hand, is setting the ground for this since its inception. If we arrive at this phase, it means that we have at least a 5-million-member community. We all have our own stores where people can use the Globzen coin.

Above all, we will be knowing our own members from the first day, as they are shareholders of Globzen as well. So, people who will use Globzen coin will be approved, real, people. There will be assets backing up the coin (shareholders in the company depending on regulations), although symbolic at first. And by time it will bring a new perspective to the cryptocurrency world.

By the end of this phase we can define Globzen as a private community that will include all the social media tools, where people can trade, where people can find a solution to the cryptocurrency need, and where ethical values are the common denominator.

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About Us

Love or hate it,the fact is undeniable: social media underlines our modern existence.

It’s how we connect with friends and family when apart, explore our passions and expand our careers. But the intents of those who run these platforms are often less genuine than the platforms they present. They may not care as deeply as you do, and as they should, for the integrity of both your data and of our precious planet. Just like you, we’re less than impressed –so we’re doing something about it. And if you’re keen to play your part, read on.

We’re taking a symbolic stand by reshuffling the social media landscape – something we like to think of as the overdue ethical evolution of social media.

It’s happening with Globzen, the new social media web and mobile app that is truly inclusive, welcoming all members of society who share a common passion for the preservation of our beautiful world and its equally incredible inhabitants. It’s also the first social network you actually own! How?

First and foremost, Globzen will always be 100% free to use –our valued Global Citizens pay no membership fee and enjoy a free platform that is green, keen and joyfully universal! 

Globzen will always be owned by each and every person who wants to enact positive change in its many magical forms. We will remain independent and inspirational,protecting our platform and users from third party endorsements or incentives.

We are the beginning of a Green Community:a network of members who each feel a strong sense of responsibility for this impressive yet fragile planet we are honoured to exist upon. A humanitarian perspective defines Globzen’s Green Community, which is growing with like minded members at an inspiring rate!

So let’s chat, message and engage with one another, share our thoughts, initiatives and dreams. Together, our voices will reach an incredible, unstoppable volume.

As one incredible force for good, let’s see how green we can make the future of social media…

With Globzen, the ethical evolution of social media is now!