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About Us

Love or hate it,the fact is undeniable: social media underlines our modern existence.

It’s how we connect with friends and family when apart, explore our passions and expand our careers. But the intents of those who run these platforms are often less genuine than the platforms they present. They may not care as deeply as you do, and as they should, for the integrity of both your data and of our precious planet. Just like you, we’re less than impressed –so we’re doing something about it. And if you’re keen to play your part, read on.

We’re taking a symbolic stand by reshuffling the social media landscape – something we like to think of as the overdue ethical evolution of social media.

It’s happening with Globzen, the new social media web and mobile app that is truly inclusive, welcoming all members of society who share a common passion for the preservation of our beautiful world and its equally incredible inhabitants. It’s also the first social network you actually own! How?

First and foremost, Globzen will always be 100% free to use –our valued Global Citizens pay no membership fee and enjoy a free platform that is green, keen and joyfully universal! 

Globzen will always be owned by each and every person who wants to enact positive change in its many magical forms. We will remain independent and inspirational,protecting our platform and users from third party endorsements or incentives.

We are the beginning of a Green Community:a network of members who each feel a strong sense of responsibility for this impressive yet fragile planet we are honoured to exist upon. A humanitarian perspective defines Globzen’s Green Community, which is growing with like minded members at an inspiring rate!

So let’s chat, message and engage with one another, share our thoughts, initiatives and dreams. Together, our voices will reach an incredible, unstoppable volume.

As one incredible force for good, let’s see how green we can make the future of social media…

With Globzen, the ethical evolution of social media is now!